Hi, my name is Bari. I was born in Amsterdam and moved to Morocco at the age of 10. I studied Computer Science in Paris and did an exchange semester in Japan. During my time at university, I worked at a different startup every summer.
After my final semester in Japan, I joined Hubs, an Amsterdam-based scale-up, during its rapid growth phase. Hubs is an on-demand manufacturing marketplace with manufacturing partners around the world. I mainly worked on solving the problem of shipping delays. During my time there, the company was acquired for $280 million and rebranded from 3D Hubs to Hubs.
Following that, I moved from Amsterdam to Tangier, Morocco, and joined the fully remote startup, Practice, after their seed round led by a16z. Practice is an all-in-one SaaS product for client-based businesses, such as coaches and consultants. As a full-stack developer, I worked on several core features, including the home dashboard, payments, onboarding flows, email notifications, etc.
Apart from my computer work, I'm also passionate about photography. You can check out my work on Instagram (
). Some of my previous clients include Nokia, VanMoof, and El Fenn Hotel.
My lifestyle also includes regular biking and swimming. One of the driving factors behind my move to Tangier was the opportunity to pursue these hobbies year-round. Back in my teenage years, I competed in numerous cycling races and achieved a notable 7th place at the Moroccan cycling championships. These days, I continue to take part in the occasional triathlon or cycling race every few months.
You can contact me at: bari@abbas.si